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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots Everybody!

So as the season has progressed, we seem to have developed an official unofficial shot for the division, the Baby Guinness. Its not unusual for a kickball division to develop a shot. The division in Portland, ME has their signature drink, a Velvet Elvis. Its not your usual Velvet Elvis that you might find in some bartending books. Its a special one that migrated south from Canada. Tradition there serves that the newly initiated must continue to drink the shots until they can properly identify what the ingredients are.

I'm told that you can thank Josh from Asstastic Balls for introducing the Baby Guinness to us. If you haven't had one yet, I warn you that they are very dangerous because they are oh so very good. Wikipedia tells us this about the drink:
A Baby Guinness is a shooter, a style of cocktail, or mixed alcoholic beverage, intended to be consumed in one shot. A Baby Guinness contains no Guinness beer. Its name is derived from the fact that it is made in such a way as to look like a tiny glass of stout.


A portion of coffee liqueur (e.g., Tia Maria or KahlĂșa) is topped by a layer of Irish Cream (e.g., Baileys) which is poured over the back of a spoon so that it sits on the coffee liqueur. The ratio of coffee liqueur to Irish cream varies but is generally around 3-to-1. The resulting drink looks like a miniature pint of Guinness stout, with the coffee liqueur as the beer and the Irish cream as the head. It is normally served in a shot glass.
Some recipes call for the Irish cream to be whipped then spooned on top of the coffee liqueur in order to look more like the head on a pint of Guinness.

Most shots tend to have variations to their defined incredients and the FL Bayshore version of the baby Guinness is no exception. Our supposed more sophisticated palates have been substituting Patron XO Cafe for the coffee liqueur.

I highly recommend them but use caution. They taste delicious and go down really easy but still get the job done. It can be dangerous when you, say, stay out late at the division party and then show up at the airport early the next morning and realize you are still drunk.

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Jillian said...

I was introduced to the baby guiness about a year ago....very dangerous.